Russian Institute for Cultural Research

in conjunction with

Herzen Russian State Pedagogical Institute; St.Petersburg State University; St.Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts; Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera), Russian Academy of Sciences; Scientific Council on History of World Culture, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian State Humanitarian University; Russian Christian Humanitarian Academy; Scientific and Educational Society for Cultural Research, supported by St.Petersburg Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences; Committee for Foreign Relations of St.Petersburg; International Association “Russian Culture”; St.Petersburg Institute for Humanitarian Education; and UNESCO Chair for Comparative Studies of Spiritual Traditions, their Specific Cultures and Inter-Religious Dialogue, announce the 3rd Russian Congress with international participation for Cultural Research, October 27 to 29, in St.Petersburg, Russia. The Congress will address Creativity in the Space of Tradition and Innovation as its main topic.

The principal goal of the 3rd Russian Congress for Cultural Research is to develop and further the tradition of international scientific forums with international participation, founded by the Russian Institute for Cultural Research in collaboration with a number of leading scientific centers for research and education in the Russian Federation, in partnership with the UNESCO Chair in Moscow for Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belorussia, Moldova and Russian Federation. The theme of the 3rd Congress is the fundamental concept of Creativity in the Space of Tradition and Innovation. The theme concerns professional artistic activity in European society and traditional Oriental cultures, which sometimes function as subcultures in modern pluralistic society.
Parallel to the Congress proceeding, special organizing committees are planning several scientific symposiums dedicated to working out the concepts of inter-civilizational, intercultural, and inter-religious dialogues, which constitute part of the cultural strategy of UNESCO.
In addition, parallel to the primary program, the Congress will include the 3rd Forum of Curators’ Initiatives ‘St.Petersburg Biennale of Modern Art’, which aims to activate dialogue between academic and artistic people.

Overall, various themes will be discussed in four plenary sessions, thirty sectional sessions, and two round tables grouped around eight sub-themes: theory of cultural studies, the dynamics of cultural forms, fundamental problems of world artistic culture, the culturology of creativity, pedagogical issues in cultural studies, Russian civilization in cultural studies, and cultural politics in the context of global crisis, as follows:

Theory of cultural studies

Historical cultural studies

Dynamics of cultural forms

Culturology of creativity

Fundamental problems in researching world artistic culture

Russian civilization in cultural studies

Pedagogical issues in cultural studies

Cultural politics in the context of global crisis

In addition to professionals, persons who work in related spheres and all members of intellectual society who are feeling concerned about the situation in modern humanitarian sciences are invited to participate in the Congress. All reports of the foreign guests, as well as plenary sessions, would be interpreted from English into Russian and vice versa in the course of the congress, free of charge.

To apply, fill-out and submit the electronic form on the Congress website: The deadline for applications is July 15, 2010. Submit the text of your article (20,000 to 40,000 characters) together with the application form. The rules for the design of abstracts and full materials are posted on at the official site of the Congress: All materials will be published. The abstracts will be published before the Congress, and the complete texts will be published after the Congress. The registration fee is 500 rubls.

For additional information, please, contact Dr. Alina Venkova
Fax: (+7 812) 571 2527